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Destudding gun

OKU destudding gun for removing studs 6.5 – 12 mm head from winter tires. Gun is suitable for single- and multiflange studs when shank dia is 4 – 8 mm ja stud lenght is max. 18 mm. Studding gun is without hand protection. Use is allowed for qualified person only (see IEC 364, definition for qualified personnel). The sound pressure level can reach up to 83 dB(A). Suitable ear protection has to be provided.

Download the operating instructions for Destudding gun here (pdf-file)

Destudding tongs

Destudding tongs are used manually for removing studs up to 10 mm head from winter tires.

Drills 2.5 – 7 mm

Drills for making holes to rubber tyres.

Glue, Loctite 480

Loctite 480, 20g and 500g. Black, rubber-toughened instant adhesive. For bonding metal to rubber. Excellent impact resistance and shear strength. Open bottle should be stored between 2 to 8 degrees.

Stoppers for drills, 2.5 – 7 mm

Stopper is used to set the depth of the hole you want to drill. Metal stopper / collar is placed around a drill bit to make sure that all holes will end on the same depth.

Studding tool

Studding tool for manual use. Used to stud bicycle tyres and footwear. Compatible with Ø 6,5 mm studs.

Tightening sleeves for pneumatic drill (outer diam. Ø 6 mm)

Tightening sleeves for pneumatic drill. Outer diameter 6 mm. Suitable for Ø 2.5 mm to Ø 4.5 mm drills. Material: steel.

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