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A-TEC 600 – Automatic Studding Robot

A-TEC 600 is automatic tyre studding robot, it is the most advanced and user friendly studding machine. The scanning the stud pattern takes about ten seconds (depends on the diameter of the tyre), and when the hole pattern is visualized studding can start.

A-TEC 600 is fully automated studding machine which can be part of the production line or run as separate machine. The machine has 7 servo axes which enables the studding head to follow the tire profile precisely to achieve very good studding quality.


Machine functions:

• Automatically Scanning the stud pattern of the tire
• Searches the stud holes and then starting studding automatically.
• Shows the image of the tread surface on the operation panel with circles around the studs or the holes (with index numbering)
• Studding speed is even three studs per second.

A-TEC 600 Automatic Studding Robot

Tire dimensions

  • Tire diameter Ø 500 mm to Ø 1000 mm
  • Tire width between 125 mm to 400 mm

Excellent studding quality

  • Studding robot high repeatability
  • Stud protrusion measurement in the machine
  • Missing stud detection and automatic repair
  • Easy and fast studding parameters adjustment

Extremely flexible

  • Three different rim sizes of tires with one setup
  • Fast setup times
  • Possible to use as part of a production line
  • Possible to update later for directed studs
  • Easy connection to customers database (SQL..)

Easy to run

  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Simple user interface with touch screen
  • Easy to make recipe for a new product
AT 600 GEN2
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