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A-TEC 1000 – Studding quality control

A-TEC 1000 is automatic stud protrusion measuring machine which also detects the missing studs from the tire. It is designed to improve the quality control in the tire factories.

Machine functions:

  • Scanning the tread surface of the tire (360°)
  • Searches the studs and missed holes
  • Draws the stud protrusion as a point chart from the datatable
  • Shows the image of the tread surface on the operation panel with circles around the studs or the holes (with index numbering)
  • Possibility to send the measurement data to company’s database
  • Scanning sequence takes 20s (13” tyre)-40s (20” tyre)

Tyre sizes:

  • 13” – 22” and Ø530mm – Ø900mm
  • Maximum width of the scanning area 300mm

Measurement device:

  • 3D-smart profile sensor


  • The average accuracy for stud protrusion varies ±0.01mm
  • Single stud protrusion varies ±0.02mm
  • One picture (50mm) has 1000×1280 datapoints (trigger spacing 0.05mm)
A-TEC 1000

A-TEC user interface

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